Does Steve Vai’s circular vibrato actually make the note go flat?

Asked by: Nick Lamp

The reason I’m so fond of this vibrato is that it helps keep your intonation in perspective. The note will go both sharp and flat in the vibratory process.

How do you do Steve Vai vibrato?

So I developed this circular technique where you can push on the note so you get it to go a little flat. And then you pull on and it goes sharp. And you get a lot more control works.

What trem does Steve Vai use?

Recently, some new pictures of a toolless tremolo being developed by Steve Vai and Ibanez were posted on his website.

Do guitarists use vibrato?

Some guitarists use their whammy bar for vibrato. These bars, (often referred to as a whammy bar, vibrato arm/bar, or tremolo arm/bar) add vibrato to the sound by changing the tension of the strings, typically at the bridge or tailpiece of an electric guitar.

How do you get a Steve Vai tone?

Tone is all in the fingers. The way you get Steve Vai’s tone is by practicing 10 hours a day religiously. The only way you’re gonna get that Steve Vai tone is to have Steve Vai come and play through your amp. Work on your left hand technique a lot.

Does Steve Vai use a compressor?

Compressors have rarely been seen on Vai’s pedalboard for live shows, but in the studio he’s used compression quite extensively – perhaps most notably on his clean sounds which, combined with using the split pickup options on his guitar, have often sounded extremely glassy.

What delay does Steve Vai use?

Specifically, what delay pedal does Steve Vai use? Vai has used a number of delay pedals in his career. These include the Boss DD-7 (of which he used two at once into two different amps), a TC Electronic G System, and an Axe-FX unit as well. Currently, he is using the Axe-FX unit in most cases.

What Overdrive does Steve Vai use?

Steve Vai doesn’t just use overdrive and distortion, but he uses a plethora of other effects as well. Most notably, the MXR Phase 90 and the Digitech Whammy DT.

What picks do Steve Vai use?

Steve likes a 1mm plectrum, in the normal shape, and made out of Delrin. Steve’s picks are made by Ibanez, but we are going to go out on a limb here and say that the shape, thickness and material of the pick is more important than the brand.

Who makes Steve Vai’s guitars?

Steve Vai plays Ibanez JEM guitars which he designed and developed the model with Ibanez. He is known to have played a wide variety of Strat-style guitars throughout his career. Nevertheless, since the late 1980s, Vai has become synonymous with his Ibanez JEM EVO and FLO signature six-strings.

What amp does Joe Satriani use?

Joe switched from Peavey to Marshall in 2010 and his current amp is a modified JVM410H. It’s a four channel 100w amp with four 12AX7 tubes in the preamp, one 12AX7 and four EL34 in the power amp.

What is Joe Satriani’s favorite guitar?

Ibanez JS1 ‘Chrome Boy

Joe Satriani’s main squeeze is his signature guitar, the Ibanez JS1 ‘Chrome Boy’, which helps him heal after a dose of buyer’s remorse… And yet, he’s like the rest of us – there have been so many guitars in his life that he has loved, tried to love, and just plain wished he had never sold.

What tuning does Joe Satriani use?

Once I started playing with Chickenfoot I began tuning down to Eb and using D’Addario . 010–. 046 sets.

What gauge strings does Joe Satriani use?

Until 2009 world famous rock guitarist “Joe Satriani” played gauge “9 – 42.” However, Once he started playing with Chickenfoot, (they performed their songs dropped down a half step), Joe said that the 9-gauge strings just got too floppy so he decided to move up to 10s.

What gauge strings did Jimmy Page use?

009 – . 042” as mentioned on the Ernie Ball website.

What strings does Ace Frehley use?

Gibson Gear SEG-AFS Ace Frehley Sig Electric Guitar Strings. 009-. 046

Brand Gibson Gear
String Material Type Nickel_plated_steel
String Gauge .009
Instrument Electric Guitar