Does leaving a capo on “hurt” the strings?

Asked by: Mike Cruise

But the real-life answer is, no it won’t do any harm to the guitar or its strings.

Does leaving a capo on damage guitar?

Leaving a capo on the guitar over an extended period can damage the frets closer to it. If the guitar is overtightened to the guitar’s neck, the tension exerted by the capo can cause small dents in the frets. However, if you leave it on for a few hours won’t cause any damage to the frets.

Does capo hold down the strings in a fret?

A capo is a small device that fits in the palm of your hand and is designed to clamp down on all strings across the guitar fretboard (this is why you might sometimes see a capo called a guitar clamp). This makes the area you can play on shorter and raises the pitch of your guitar.

Do capos mess up tuning?

Excess pressure on the strings is a super common cause of tuning issues. Essentially the added pressure from spring loaded, elastic or cheaper capos squeezes the strings too much and pulls them out of tune. You’ll often find that the thicker strings suffer more as the capo squeezes them against the fretboard.

Does capo damage guitar neck?

Yes. You should never put the guitar away in a case with the capo on, you will likely damage the guitar neck. Keeping the capo on the guitar outside the case will result in: The strings will wear out quicker because of the pressure from the capo.

Do capos wear out?

Luckily, capos are not super-expensive, and since they rarely wear out or break, many of us end up with our own mini-collection. There isn’t a single “best” capo that does everything perfectly for every player, and your favorite go-to capo will likely change a number of times over your life.

Why you shouldn’t use a capo?

The number one problem of capos is they usually throw off the tuning a bit and it’s a pain to fix the tuning with the capo in place. They also change the action – sometimes in good ways, sometimes in bad. The main reason a lot of guitarists rarely or never use capos is probably because capos are not widely useful.

What capo do professionals use?

Kyser Quick-Change Capo
It allows for quick and easy pitch changes. You only need one hand to quickly transpose your guitar. A trusted name in guitar gear, Kaiser is well-regarded by both amateurs and professionals.