Do you need long fingers to play alto saxophone?

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You don’t need particularly long fingers to play alto saxophone.

Do you need long fingers to play saxophone?

You do not need big hands to play the saxophone. While you do need hands large enough to fit around the instrument, it is more common to have hands which are too large for the saxophone and necessitate adjustments on some keys.

Is the alto sax hard to play?

Like many instruments, the saxophone isn’t too difficult to begin playing but challenging to master. Many people say that it’s easy to make a sound on the saxophone but harder to make a good sound. However, self-discipline and a few other tips can make all the difference and have you playing like a pro in no time!

Is alto saxophone difficult to learn?

Soprano, alto, tenor or baritone, the sax is one of the easier musical instruments to get started with. The keys were designed for easy, logical use, the mouthpiece is less complex than it’s orchestral counterparts and playing in tune with a good tone is feasible within a few practice sessions.

Is it easier to play alto or tenor sax?

The tenor sax produces a mellow, rich, and deep sound. While expert musicians can get a vast range of sounds out of both instruments, younger musicians who have smaller hands and a smaller lung capacity tend to have an easier time playing the alto sax.

Which instrument is good for short fingers?

If you really want to go for instruments that don’t care how short your fingers are, try hammered dulcimer, marimba and xylophone, autoharp, Irish whistle, recorders, fifes, bell ringing, psaltery, etc.

What instrument can I play with small hands?

But don’t despair! There are so many great smaller-sized instruments out there, and choosing the right one isn’t too hard.

Table of Contents

  • Recorder.
  • The Harp.
  • The Ukulele – Is the Ukulele a good instrument for small hands?
  • Guitar.
  • Harmonica.

Can saxophone be self taught?

You CAN teach yourself saxophone, yes, but without some kind of help it will be difficult and time consuming. You can access online saxophone lessons at any time of the day or night that suits you. If you don’t feel like playing today, then don’t.

Is sax harder than guitar?

They are both equally “hard” to play. I would say masters of both instruments have a similar level of skill. Don’t forget though that a guitar player has a whole load of substitutions and passing chords that come in to play a lot earlier on when playing jazz, not at all easy.

How long does it take to learn the alto saxophone?

Realistically, playing the sax should take between six months to a year to really learn. That means maintaining the skill long after you have stopped playing regularly. However, once you start, you won’t want to stop.

What is the easiest sax to play?

alto saxophone

The alto saxophone is easier to play than the soprano saxophone, and so it is a good choice for beginners. A simple comparison of the length of the soprano and alto saxophones shows that they are about the same, 70 centimeters long.

Should I start with alto or tenor?

The tenor sax is bigger than alto but another really popular choice for a beginner sax player. The Tenor saxophone has larger reeds compared to the alto saxophone. Tenor sax has a full, deep and rich sound while alto sax has a higher-pitched sound.

What is the easiest key to play on saxophone?

So using those transposed (alto) keys, some would say the ‘easier’ keys would be A, G, and D, with E, B, F# and C# being ‘harder’ (more sharps).

What is the easiest song to play on alto sax?

This Beginner’s Easy Saxophone Song Series Includes 6 Well-Known Favorite Classics:

  • Surfer Girl.
  • Moon River.
  • Sound of Silence.
  • Pretty Woman.
  • Won’t You Come Home Bill Bailey.
  • When The Saints Go Marching In.

What key is alto saxophone?


Tenor saxophones are tuned to B♭, and alto saxophones are tuned to E♭, but when playing the same note on a score, the fingerings are the same.

Can a sax play in any key?

All saxophones are transposing instruments. This means that they are not in concert pitch like a piano or guitar. So when a Bb tenor sax plays it’s written C it sounds Bb on a piano.

How many sax notes are there?

The Western tonal system officially registers twelve notes on an octave when we include the sharp and flat notes (commonly called a “chromatic scale”).

How do you read an alto sax song?

So if there's a certain note that if there's a c-sharp on tenor sax you play it zero no fingers at all if there's a Altos. If you're playing alto sax.