Do people with perfect pitch distinguish between equal temperament and just temperament?

Asked by: Donald Graves

There is not such thing as just temperament. There’s just intonation, and there’s equal temperament. (To be more precise, there are actually many different kinds of both just intonation and equal temperament, but by itself the former is usually taken to mean Ptolemaic tuning, the latter 12-edo.)Nov 8, 2020

How does just intonation differ from equal temperament?

Just intonation requires tuning your instrument for a specific key. With standard equal temperament, you can play further down the neck in another key and not end up with different sound quality intervals between notes.
Apr 8, 2015

Do people sing in equal temperament?

A good singer can choose between just intonation and 12-tone equal temperament at will. The singers in an a cappella choir can choose to exist in the isolation of just intonation, and in the same concert they can sing accompanied by a piano and shift gears into 12-tone equal temperament.
Jan 26, 2016

Why is equal temperament out of tune?

Because of the limitations of keyboard instruments, one way or another, a keyboard tuner has to “temper” some of the notes so that some scales sound the same. In equal temperament, all the scales average out the same, the distance between the notes are all the same.
Jan 18, 2014

Do people with perfect pitch have synesthesia?

Absolute pitch shows a genetic overlap with music-related and non-music-related synesthesia/ideasthesia. They may associate certain notes or keys with different colors, enabling them to tell what any note or key is. In this study, about 20% of people with perfect pitch are also synesthetes.

Why is just intonation impractical?

In Western musical practice, instruments are rarely tuned using only pure intervals—the physics of music makes this impractical. Some instruments of fixed pitch, such as electric pianos, are commonly tuned using equal temperament, in which all intervals other than octaves consist of irrational-number frequency ratios.

Why does just intonation sound better?

Our brains tell us that the first interval is more consonant, simply because it requires less effort to process than the second one. Of course, in the real world, things are rarely absolutely perfect and two tones in the ratio of 40001:50001 will be heard as “near enough” to 4:5.

How far off is equal temperament?

Twelve-tone equal temperament is the musical system that divides the octave into 12 parts, all of which are equally tempered (equally spaced) on a logarithmic scale, with a ratio equal to the 12th root of 2 ( 12√2 ≈ 1.05946).

What is the best equal temperament?

Additionally, it also makes the semitone exactly half a whole tone, the simplest possible relationship. These are some of the reasons why 12-EDO has become the most commonly used equal temperament.

Do orchestras play in equal temperament?

Meanwhile, an orchestra is made of a bunch of instruments, some of which tune naturally by ear—strings, woodwinds, brass—but also instruments in fixed, equal temperament: harp, marimbas and xylophones, harpsichord and piano, etc.
Apr 20, 2010

Does Billie Eilish have perfect pitch?

The tone is pure, perfectly pitched, and decorated with her idiosyncratic breathiness and well-controlled vibrato. You’ll hear she has impeccable control.
Jul 27, 2021

Did Whitney Houston have perfect pitch?

Whitney Houston built trust among her audience with her perfect pitch.

Do people with perfect pitch hear differently?

Only about one in 10,000 people has absolute pitch and is therefore able to sing every note perfectly and without prior assistance. On a physical and functional basis, there is no difference in the Perfect Pitch hearing system.
Feb 1, 2021

Does Mariah Carey have perfect pitch?

Which musicians and singers have perfect pitch? Some of the greatest classical composers, including Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and Handel all had perfect pitch; and it’s not so rare in the pop world either. Mariah Carey has it, as did Michael Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald and Bing Crosby.
Mar 28, 2019

Do people with perfect pitch hear in 440?

Some people with perfect pitch may be irritated by music not at A=440 Hz. They’re going to be irritated a lot when hearing modern recorded commercial music, and some not-so-modern stuff too! Others can recognise a variance from A=440 Hz, but they aren’t obsessed with it.
Mar 7, 2017

Does Charlie Puth have perfect pitch?

Puth’s signature is his perfect pitch. The singer can recognize any music note. While that talent has earned him praise from fans and become something of a parlor trick, there was a time when Charlie Puth used his perfect pitch to pull pranks.
May 1, 2022

Does Taylor Swift has perfect pitch?

She does not Have perfect pitch…..Few singers do. Many Times problems with singing in Tune are NOT the fault of the Singer. They play with Large Sound Systems……. The stage Monitors control what Taylor would Hear on Stage!!

How much of the population has perfect pitch?


How rare is perfect pitch, and is it genetic? A commonly cited number is that approximately one in 10,000, or . 01% of people, are thought to have perfect pitch.