Did Jeff Beck “play the changes” on Goodbye Porkpie Hat?

Asked by: Greg Soulfood

Good-bye Pork Pie Hat is a 12-bar blues, but the chord changes have a lot of substitutions. On Jeff Beck’s version, the band plays these substitute changes during the melody, but just play traditional blues changes during Beck’s solo.

Who played the solo on Goodbye Pork Pie Hat?

Mingus played the double bass, but the lead instrument on this track is the alto saxophone played by John Handy, one of several top jazz players Mingus used on his recordings. The original version runs 4:46, but longer versions exist.

Is Goodbye Pork Pie Hat A blues?

“Goodbye Pork Pie Hat” is a jazz instrumental composed by Charles Mingus, originally recorded by his sextet in 1959 and released on his album Mingus Ah Um. It was subsequently released on his 1963 album, Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus as “Theme for Lester Young” and 1977’s Three or Four Shades of Blues.

When did Jeff Beck stop using a pick?


Beck stopped regular use of a pick in the 1980s. He produces a wide variety of sounds by using his thumb to pluck the strings, his ring finger on the volume knob and his little finger on the vibrato bar on his signature Fender Stratocaster.

Who can wear a pork pie hat?

A pork pie hat can easily be worn by anyone with a long, short or oval shaped face, but should be avoided if you have either a round or square face. A porkpie tends to have a shorter crown than either a trilby or fedora hat, so is ideal if you’re quite tall and not looking to add any more height.

Who is pork pie hat?

Charles Mingus wrote ‘Goodbye Pork Pie Hat’ as an elegy for the pioneering jazz saxophonist Lester Young, who died in March 1959, two months prior to the recording sessions for what would become Mingus Ah Um.

Why is a porkpie hat called that?

The Pork Pie Hat
Also called the English pastry hat, the pork pie got its name from its telescoped crown which features a slight lip around the upper edge of the crown and therefore looks similar to a traditional English meat pie.

What brand of hat did Frank Sinatra wear?

trilby hats

Frank Sinatra was identified with trilby hats, and there is a signature design trilby bearing his name. The reggae poet Linton Kwesi Johnson often wears a trilby during his performances.

What’s the difference between a fedora and a pork pie hat?

Typically, fedora brims are 2.5 inches or longer, whereas pork pie brims are less than 2.5 inches. Brim shape: Pork pies typically feature snap brims (named because they can be snapped up or down) that point up around the entire circumference of the hat, whereas fedora brims can be shaped in many different ways.