Diatonic vs chromatic harmonica?

Asked by: Trevor Hicks

There are two main categories of harmonicas: Diatonic – which only contains the notes of a specific scale and are mainly used in Blues, Rock, Country and Pop music. Chromatic – which can play all notes in the chromatic scale and are mainly used in Jazz and Classical music.

Which harmonica is better diatonic or chromatic?

Overall, a diatonic harmonica is probably the best choice if you are hoping to play blues music. Bending the sound is so distinctive that playing the blues with a chromatic harmonica would sound absurd.

Which harmonica is best for beginners diatonic or chromatic?

The Ease We Love
Because the tremolo harmonica requires more air to play, and because the chromatic harmonica requires that you have to learn a ton of music theory, the diatonic harmonica is undoubtedly the easiest harmonica to learn how to play.

Is chromatic harmonica hard to play?

Chromatic harmonica is a great, under-rated instrument; and in some ways, easier than diatonic (you don’t need to learn to bend notes to play all the notes). Knowing the names of the notes is great for: learning scales, keying songs, reading music, and to play in different keys of music.

What type of harmonica is best for beginners?

Here Are the Best Harmonicas for Beginners

  • SEYDEL Blues Classic (Best Overall) …
  • Hohner Special 20 Harmonica (Best Value) …
  • Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonica (Best Under $20) …
  • 4. Lee Oskar Harmonica, Key of C (Best Under $40) …
  • I-MART 10 Hole Diatonic Harmonica (Best Cheap) …
  • Small Fish Harmonica (Best for Kids) …
  • ARTHOMES Harmonica.

What key harmonica should I buy?

If, however, you’re one of the 99% who wants to play along to music or as part of a band, choice of key is paramount. Traditional wisdom says that C, G and A are the best initial harmonicas to purchase, and this is what most of the multi-harmonica packs are comprised of.

What harmonica does Bob Dylan use?

Dylan’s harmonica of choice is the Hohner harmonica.

What kind of harmonica does Mickey Raphael play?

blues harmonica

In this video, he tells us how he first discovered his love for the blues harmonica, and why he digs the new Harp Blaster HB52 from HOHNER and sE Electronics.

Can you play blues on a chromatic harmonica?

In theory it is possible to play in all keys with a chromatic instrument, but in practice, only a few keys are commonly used. Just as most blues on the diatonic is played in the key of the draw chord (cross harp), most blues on the chromatic are played from the draw chord.

Do you need a harmonica for every key?

As always, you need a harmonica which matches the key of each blues song. However, most blues harmonica is played in second position, where the harmonica key is different to the key of the song. Details about second position blues harmonica are in the lessons at my Harmonica Academy site.

What is the most commonly used harmonica?

Diatonic harmonicas. The most common type of harmonica you’ll encounter in pop, blues and folk music—diatonic harmonicas are designed to play in a specific key.

What key is most blues played in?

The two most common keys in blues music are E and A. There are others, but these two keys are the most common.

Which harmonica is best for blues?

8 Best Harmonicas For The Blues 2022

  • Hohner Marine Band Harmonica – Best Overall.
  • Hohner 532 Blues Harp MS-Series Harmonica.
  • Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonica – Budget Choice.
  • Fender Blues DeVille Harmonica.
  • Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Harmonica.
  • Lee Oskar Natural Minor Harmonica.
  • Suzuki Bluesmaster.
  • Seydel Blues SESSION Steel.

What harmonica do professionals use?

Hohner Marine Band 1896 Harmonica

Hohner Marine Band 1896 Harmonica is the number one choice of top professionals. This harmonica has a rich and expressive sound that defines what most people think of when they imagine the sound of a harmonica.

Which harmonica is easiest to bend?

The higher pitched the harmonica the easier it is to bend and control the draw notes on the lower holes (G is the lowest pitch harp and F sharp is the highest..so with an F harmonica it is easy to learn to bend notes. You will be playing in C with an F harp).”