Creating a xylophone out of copper pipes?

Asked by: Jennifer Mandolph

How do you make a metal pipe xylophone?

Place an elbow over the ends of both longer PVC pipes. Lay them side-by-side on a flat surface. Wrap two rubber bands — together — around one end of one of both PVC pipes, and two more at the other end. Slide the shorter PVC pipes into the elbows stretching the rubber bands and enclosing the xylophone frame.

Can you make your own xylophone?

You can use wood or electrical metal tubing to make your own xylophone at home. If you measure the xylophone’s materials and put it together carefully, a homemade xylophone can work just as well as storebought options.

Do xylophones have pipes?

The xylophone occupies a higher range (beginning at F) and has a brighter, more piercing sound. Both instruments have resonators (sometimes called resonator tubes or resonator pipes) suspended beneath the tone bars.

Is a glockenspiel the same as a xylophone?

The Xylophone, Glockenspiel and Metallophone

The main difference between a xylophone and the glockenspiel/metallophone is the material used for the bars; the xylophone uses wood whereas the glockenspiel and metallophone use metal.

How do you make a pipe instrument?

We attach the pipe with a bunch of these galvanized bian hangers. And what you can do is screws that I've used you can loosen them up you can adjust the pipe.

How do you make a wrench xylophone?

Solders from the toolbox. To the shortest. So that's a 15 a 14 what do we got here is this a 13 yep. Then we're going to put a 12.

How do you make a water xylophone?

Xylophone. I mean music out of water and glasses let me show you how to make one so you can play too.

How do you make an instrument out of recycled materials?

And some straws all it is is trying to make things vibrate. And give your other basic things where you use like plastic cup and you have a balloon on there to make like your basic drum.

How do you make a homemade instrument with different pitches?

So remember the pitch depends on the thickness of a rubber band but also how tight it is if it's in the middle it's going to be tighter than the ones on the side.

How do you make pipe music?

So I made the spreadsheet here with all the important stuff frequency the notes the the length of the pipe the density of the pipes how much the total pipe would weigh the cost.

How do you make a homemade instrument?

So you could use markers crayons tape paint anything that you'd like to to create and design your own toilet paper shakers. And the next thing that i did were some straws made into pipes.

What is a Tubulum?

A tubulum is a large instrument that looks very similar to a xylophone but sounds almost like a hand drum or bucket drum. We refer to this instrument as the PVC pipe drum. You make the PVC pipe drum by attaching PVC pipes of varying lengths to a frame.

How does a Thongophone work?

The thongophone produces sound by striking a rubber clapper, usually a thong, hence its namesake, against the opening of one of many PVC pipes of varying length. Vibrations are transmitted through the hollow pipes, each one resonating to a preset pitch.

How do you make a PVC pipe instrument?

I cut down a section to five feet and then this is the 12 foot section that's straight out of the store at Lowe's.

What instruments do the Blue Man Group use?

The members of the Blue Man Group have played drums filled with paint and PVC pipes in all shapes and sizes over the years, but lately they’re testing out a new instrument: spinulums. Those would be the cellos of the Blue Man world, according to Robert Gomez, music director for the group’s “Speechless” tour.

How do you make a Blue Man Group instrument?

The concept of this is that you have different tubes. And then the length of the tube is creating the pitch. The note by having two you can have a chord potentially.

What is the point of Blue Man Group?

They are the Blue Man Group, they were formed in Manhattan and their mission is to entertain you on multiple levels – musically, visually, viscerally, intellectually and, above all, humorously.