Cleaning the fretboard of an electric guitar?

Asked by: Dillon Hunter

What household items can you use to clean an electric guitar fretboard?

The quick answer is that the best way to clean a guitar fretboard with household items is to just use things like Q-tips or cotton swabs to remove the dirt that is specifically located to the side of the fret and use cotton balls (or even face-cleaning pads) for the middle part in between frets.

How do I clean the gunk off my guitar neck?

I'm using painters tape just so it doesn't damage the finish avatar it will leave behind a glue when I remove it. And now you're ready to start scraping the gunk off I'm using the edge of a plastic.

How do you clean a dirty electric guitar?

And we can use some guitar polish or played something like that works really good and then. We just put a squirt on and wipe. Off the excess.

Can you use water to clean a fretboard?

It is generally safe to use a lightly dampened rag on your fingerboard. Getting the fingerboard wet can cause problems, specifically in your fret slots where any swelling or softening of the wood may cause loose or popped frets.

Is olive oil good for fretboard?

You must NOT use coconut oil, olive oil, lemon oil or vinegar on your guitar either the strings, fretboard or any other part. all of these products can cause unrecoverable damage to the wood of your guitar because they are acidic.

Can you use vinegar to clean a guitar?

Household furniture polish and all-purpose cleaners—such as Pine Sol, Windex, and 409—will also damage your finish. The only household product that’s safe to use to clean your guitar is white distilled vinegar. It will clean the finish, but do you really want a guitar that smells like a pickle?

Should you oil a guitar fretboard?

If your fingerboard is free of gunk, all you need to do is oil it. Buy a bottle of mineral oil at the grocery store. With all the strings off the tuners and stuffed into the sound hole, apply some oil on a folded paper towel and wipe it on the face of the fingerboard. It’s fine to wipe it on the frets.

Can you use rubbing alcohol to clean guitar fretboard?

We don’t recommend it. Rubbing alcohol may dry out the wood of the fingerboard, and may damage certain plastic materials on the guitar, and in some cases, even damage the guitar’s finish. We’ve found that it can even make your strings squeak more! Your best bet is to use a tried-and-tested string cleaner and lubricant.

How do you clean a fretboard without steel wool?

An alternative to steel wool: Clean the wood with a toothbrush and fretboard conditioner. I like using a toothbrush because you can scrub all you want without damaging the wood or the frets. Simply spray Hydrate onto your fretboard and work it into the wood and around the frets with the toothbrush bristles (Fig. 8).

Can you clean fretboard with wet cloth?

Remember though, after any cleaning you must condition the fretboard or it will dry out. A damp cloth is not recommended, but it won’t hurt it. If sweaty fingers won’t hurt the fretboard, then a damp cloth won’t either. Just not a good way to clean it.

Can I use dish soap on my guitar?

Yes, a drop or two of dish soap in a small bowl of water is excellent for getting the dirt off, then go over again with warm water with no soap.

How often should I oil my fretboard?

Conclusion. To keep your guitar in excellent condition for the rest of its life, remember to wipe down your neck and fretboard after every session, and remember to oil your fretboard (if it is unvarnished) every six months.

Can I use WD40 on my fretboard?

It’s ok to use WD40 for it’s cleaning properties on gooey spots. Just, spray on a cloth, not on the spot to clean, clean quickly and wipe it off quickly. And DON’T use it as a regular cleaner on bare wood when you don’t need it, OR use it as a substitute for specialized oils on the fretboard.

Can I put baby oil on my guitar?

A little buit of a tip for string longevity on electric guitars. Put a bit of baby oil on a cloth and swipe it over the strings. They will not rust!

How do you moisturize a guitar fretboard?

Like this fender quick clean the pores on the finished maple fretboard are essentially sealed and the cleaning spray should do the trick. Never use any oil-based. Product on the finished neck.

What can I use to clean my fretboard?

Clean the fretboard – Use fine steel wool to remove stubborn gunk from Rosewood/Ebony/Pau Ferro fretboards, and apply Lemon Oil to re-hydrate. Use a damp cloth to clean Maple fretboards. Polish the guitar body – For Poly-finished (gloss) guitars, spray guitar polish onto a soft cloth and wipe down.

What should I condition my fretboard with?

Give it a kiss of oil that's all you need. Now. I recommend doing this maybe once every six months for most unfinished fret boards that's rosewood that's Laurel that's evany.