Clean Amp + Distortion pedal vs Distortion from amp?

Asked by: Alan Bush

Unlike amps, a distortion pedal allows the user to adjust the core sound of your distortion sound, whether that’s tweaking the gain, bass, mids, or top end. Whereas, an amp only offers the gain dial to adjust saturation. The majority of distortion pedals allow you to tweak the gain, treble, middle, and bass.

Should I use a distortion pedal on a clean channel?

You could use it on the clean channel or you could use it on the distortion channel with the pedal gain backed off and the level up to act as a kind of dirty booster.

Is it worth getting a distortion pedal?

As we’ve concluded in this guide, a distortion pedal is almost essential for electric guitarists, to allow you to access the full range of tones you will probably be used to hearing in the music you love.

Should distortion be louder than clean?

The general answer is that compared to clean tones, distortion/OD is relatively compressed (smaller dynamic range). Thus depending on how hard you play or what the context is, one might be louder/softer than the other.

Can distortion damage an amplifier?

Contrary to popular belief, distortion does not cause speaker damage. Distortion is merely the audible detection of signal “clipping”. Clipping is when an audio component can no longer provide enough power supply voltage to “cleanly” amplify the audio signal.

How can I make my amp sound dirty?

This. To get a distorted sound we simply turn the input volume up and turn the master volume or the Apple volume. Down.

How do I clean my amp sound?

So in this case here what i would probably do is turn the tone knob back a little bit or the presence. Right so the presence. If you will what that does is it's essentially an eq knob.

Does cleaning guitar make it sound better?

Most of us know that when you change your strings you should give your neck and fretboard a good clean with the appropriate cleaning and treatment product for your wood (remember, never use lemon oil on maple boards), but giving your guitar a wipe down every time you play can help your strings last longer and your

How do you make an amp sound like Nirvana?

The Quick Answer. To get Nirvana’s tone with your amplifier, have the treble and mids fairly high (around 7-8) and the bass on around 5 to begin with. The distortion should be quite high for the chorus (usually between 8-10), unless you’re using a pedal.