Clarinet and sax: what are the different qualities of open and closed mouthpieces?

Asked by: Kristin Libbett

Are clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces the same?

The clarinet mouthpiece is similar to a saxophone mouthpiece. Both mouthpieces can be made out of either hard rubber, glass, or plastic. Both mouthpieces also formulate the sound and send sound vibrations through the instrument. The barrel on a clarinet has a similar function as the neck on a saxophone.

What is an open clarinet mouthpiece?

Once the clarinet mouthpiece has been mounted with a reed, an opening is visible between the latter and the former, through which air can pass: it is the tip opening, an essential, variable parameter, identical to that of the saxophone.

What is the difference between clarinet mouthpieces?

Generally speaking, mouthpieces with tip openings smaller than 110 will offer less resistance and a very focused sound. These mouthpieces will require stronger reeds. Mouthpieces with tip openings larger than 110 will offer more resistance and a more rounded sound and will require softer reeds.

Can you use a clarinet mouthpiece on a saxophone?

So no. Even if internal dimensions were similar, even if intonation wouldn’t go totally out of whack, you can’t physically use the same mouthpiece on clarinet as saxophone.

How different is clarinet from saxophone?

The soprano saxophone and the clarinet look similar at first glance, but they are completely different. First, the clarinet is cylindrical. It seems to swell slightly in the middle sometimes, but it is essentially a straight cylinder. The soprano saxophone, on the other hand, is a progressively widening cone.

What is the difference between saxophone mouthpieces?

For sax mouthpieces the common rule is that softer materials produce a darker sound with less projection, while harder materials just the opposite (brighter and more projection). From plastics to metal though, you have a wide range of options to choose from, allowing you to truly customize your sound.

Which clarinet mouthpiece is best?

Best Rated Clarinet Mouthpiece Reviews

  1. Vandoren CM1405 BD5 Series 13 Black Diamond Ebonite Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece. …
  2. D’Addario Reserve Bb X0. …
  3. Vandoren CM3178 M15 Profile 88 Bb. …
  4. Vandoren CM346 B50 Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece. …
  5. Vandoren CM4158 M13 Lyre 13 Series Profile 88 Bb. …
  6. Vandoren CM308 B45 Traditional Bb.

What is the difference between 4C and 5C mouthpieces?

The 4C has a moderately narrow sized tip opening for easy response and clear tone, and the 5C has a moderate sized tip opening allows for greater volume and projection and a rich tone quality.

What is the tip opening on a sax mouthpiece?

The mouthpiece tip opening corresponds to the distance between the reed and the tip of the mouthpiece. A simple way to see it is to lay the mouthpiece flat on a table: then notice there are a few millimeters between the mouthpiece and the table, this is the tip-opening.

Can you use an alto sax mouthpiece on a clarinet?

Member. The sax mouthpiece won’t fit and is too different a size. The embouchure for clarinet is different to sax so you need a firmer embouchure and more air pressure – generally speaking.

Are sax mouthpieces universal?

Similar to saxophone reeds, saxophone mouthpieces have numerous options to choose from. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Each person is built differently, so each person needs different equipment to be comfortable and to sound their best.

Can you use clarinet reeds soprano sax?

Clarinet reed on soprano sax? Reeds for the Bb clarinet can be used for the soprano saxophone. The clarinet reed produces a more vibrant and full tone, and better projection. Additional benefits to this reed swap are more control in the altissimo range and a higher percentage of good reeds per box.

What type of reed does a clarinet use?

The best reed for beginner clarinet is a size 2 or 2.5 reed. Most beginners start with Rico, Rico Royal, or Vandoren Brand Clarinet Reeds. Your teacher will most likely recommend one of these brands to start with. The size number indicates the thickness of the reed.

Are soprano sax reeds same as clarinet?

Member. The Bb clarinet reed is longer than a soprano saxophone reed. So the result is to have a reed with a flatter profile. It’s almost the same thing using a tenor reed reed over a alto mouthpiece… or a bari reed over a tenor mouthpiece.

Can you use a clarinet ligature on a saxophone?

Using a clarinet a b-flat clarinet but it's exactly the same concept on the entire saxophone family and the entire clarinet.

Does sax ligature matter?

A ligature is a ligature and will have little to no effect on your sound.

Can I use clarinet ligature on alto sax?

I am surprised that the clarinet ligature fits on the alto saxophone mouthpiece (I play both.) What do you mean by “fit”? The ligature should fit snugly on the mouthpiece under the “u” part of the reed. It should secure the reed just where the reed and mouthpiece naturally meet.