Chord notation: a minor chord with a minor 6th?

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1. A minor 6th chord

Note no. Note interval Note name
1 root The 1st note of the A minor 6th chord is A
2 A-min-3rd The 2nd note of the A minor 6th chord is C
3 A-perf-5th The 3rd note of the A minor 6th chord is E
4 A-maj-6th The 4th note of the A minor 6th chord is F#

What is a minor chord with a minor 6th called?

This is due to the fact that it’s easier to avoid parallelism this way, and this is also why they’re generally called neapolitan 6 (N6) chords.

What can you play with a minor 6 chord?

I have a D minor sixth chord. The next voicing would be one with the root. On three. So my root is here my flatted seven is on the first string and I'm gonna bring that flat at seven down half step.

How do you make a minor sixth chord?

A minor 6th chord is built with four notes. It is a minor triad (1 b3 5) with a 6th added giving the interval pattern: Root (1) Minor third (b3)

Why does a minor 6 chord have a major 6?

The Cm6 chord has a major 6th interval in it simply because the “minor” refers only to the second note; it informs us that the second note is a minor third. The notation and terminology is such that “minor chord” doesn’t simply mean “everything that has a major/minor designation must be minor”.

What is A minor 6th interval?

In Western classical music, a minor sixth is a musical interval encompassing six staff positions (see Interval number for more details), and is one of two commonly occurring sixths (the other one being the major sixth).

What is a V6 chord?

V6 usually, as Richard alludes, means the 1st inversion of the chord – in key C major, it would be a G chord with B bass, aka G/B. However, in more modern terms, it could be construed as G6 – spelled G B D E, also known as Em7.

How do you play minor 6?

My pointer finger is getting. The six right there so there's my six. The rest of it is right here. So I have five on the E string. Four on the D string. Five on the g string. And five on the B string.

What notes are in a C6 chord?

The 6th chord is a major chord with an additional major 6th. A C6 has the notes C (1), E (3), G (5) and A (6).

What scale is over A minor 6 chord?

What’s The Minor 6 Pentatonic Scale? The minor 6 pentatonic scale formula is tonic (1), minor third (b3), fourth (4), Fifth (5) and sixth (6). This is an intereresting alternative to the common minor pentatonic scale and useful tool for improvising over minor 6, dominant 7 and half-diminished chords.

Is a sixth chord major in a minor key?

For example, the notes in a C6 chord are C, E, G, and A, and the notes in a Cm6 chord are C, Eb, G, and A. Unlike seventh-chords, the sixth remains major regardless of whether the triad beneath it is major or minor. Below is a movable minor-sixth barre chord with its root along the 6th string.

Is C to a flat a minor 6th?

1. C-flat minor 6th chord.

What is A minor 6th down from C?

min6. The minor 6th interval below Ab is C. M6. maj6. The major 6th interval below A is C.

What is the inversion of A minor sixth M6?


Number of half steps Common Spelling Inversion
8 Minor Sixth (m6) Major Third (M3)
9 Major Sixth (M6) Minor Third (m3)
10 Minor Seventh (m7) Major Second (M2)
11 Major Seventh (M7) Minor Second (m2)

What is A minor 6th above C?

Minor sixth interval starting from the note, C

C, A♭

What is a minor 6 below a?

This step shows the A sixth intervals on the piano, treble clef and bass clef.

6th intervals below note A.

Short Medium Intervals ‘below’ statement
m6 min6 The minor 6th interval below F is A
M6 maj6 The major 6th interval below F# is A
A6 aug6 The augmented 6th interval below F## is A

What note is a minor 6 above D?

For example, in the steps above, one of the intervals we measured was a major 6th above D, which is note B.

What is a minor 6th below E?

Minor sixth interval starting from the note, E

E, C.

What pitch is a minor sixth M6 above E?

6th intervals above note E

Short Medium Intervals ‘above’ statement
d6 dim6 The E to Cb interval is diminished 6th
m6 min6 The E to C interval is minor 6th
M6 maj6 The E to C# interval is major 6th
A6 aug6 The E to C## interval is augmented 6th