REVIEW: Chez Kane – Chez Kane

This album was born out of a collaboration between Chez, who fronted the band Kane’d with her two sisters, and Danny Rexon of Crazy Lixx. This is Chez’s debut solo album and will appeal to anyone who hungers for the female fronted melodic rock that prevailed in the 80’s but don’t for a moment think that this is outdated! Chez and Danny have breathed new life into the genre with this fine piece of work!

The opening track Better Than Love hits the mark perfectly and I had visions of movies like Top Gun running through my head! Chez has the perfect voice for this kind of rock!

All Of It has a heavier feel to it with a great stomping beat and there’s no mistaking the Crazy Lixx vibe here!

Track 3 is Rocket On The Radio is real fun track that will definitely have them dancing in the aisles. I can see that this track would make for a great single that would easily cross the barricade between rock and mainstream radio! A brilliant commercial sound without being cheesy! 

Get It On keeps the 80’s vibe going nicely and I can’t shake the vision of girls (and guys) with big hair and outrageous clothing!

Track 5 is Too Late For Love has a wonderful sing-along feel to it and Chez’s vocal range comes to the fore in excellent fashion.

Defender Of The Heart is a bit more laid back and less frenetic that previous tracks and I am reminded of some of Heart’s finest ballads here!

Ball N’ Chain picks up the pace nicely, a well produced number with a veritable wall of sound and even a few ‘na na na’s’ thrown in for good measure!

Track 8, Midnight Rendezvous is a much heavier number and instantly grabbed me firmly by the tender parts! Outstanding track that demonstrates Chez’s versatility superbly!

Die In The Name Of Love once again takes me back to my 20’s! Great fun and easy to dance along to. It’s just a shame it can’t reverse the ageing process on my old bones!

The album closes with Dead End Street, a beautifully crafted track that effectively underlines the tracks that preceded it. A fine way to end this fine collection of songs.

To sum up, this album has, in my humble opinion, achieved exactly what it set out to do – to highlight the exceptional vocal talents of Chez Kane in a melodic rock environment that, whilst harking back to its 80’s roots, delivers a modern twist to the genre. A thoroughly enjoyable album from start to finish with the potential to cross over into the mainstream.

Chez Kane is to be release on 12th March 2021 on Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Words: Nick Luxford

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