Can I use a car polishing cloth to polish my flute?

Asked by: Hector Disla

A cleaning rod, a gauze or cotton cloth and a polishing cloth and you are good to go!

What cloth can I use to clean my flute?

You should clean and maintain your flute after each use. To clean it, gently unscrew the head-joint and foot-joint from the body of the flute, then wrap a soft cotton or microfiber cloth around your cleaning rod.

Can you use a silver polishing cloth on a flute?

The best polishing cloth will be made of a soft microfiber material that traps dirt and removes smudges and fingerprints. Make sure to choose a polishing cloth that can be washed and used repeatedly. When you’re polishing a flute, don’t use silver polish or other liquids.

How can I polish my flute at home?

And most people do not you can use some silver polish and you take a cloth called this is called a blue cloth or green cloth. And it's like a really thick strong paper towel.

How do you make an old flute shiny?

Okay first of all folks are just going to take a little bit of silver polish put it right here on the sponge. We're gonna grab the flute. And we're just gonna start rubbing.

Can I use alcohol wipes to clean my flute?

To disinfect a flute, use a rubbing alcohol wipe to gently wipe the surface of the lip plate. Use a dry polish cloth to wipe down the surface of the keys.

How do you remove tarnish from a flute?

To clean a tarnished flute, start by rubbing down the flute with a silver polishing cloth and then use an anti-tarnish silver polish with a microfiber cloth to rub the area until the tarnish slowly disappears.

Can I use Windex on my flute?

For a simple step-by-step breakdown on how to make your flute shiny, start by using Windex to clean the outside of your flute. Next, use rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip or cotton ball to disinfect the mouthpiece. Use silver polish to keep the flute body shiny and tarnish-free.

How do you deep clean a silver flute?

Use silver polish (Wrights silver cream and a Q-tip) but do not get any water or polish on the pads. Then wipe it clean with a soft cloth (damp when needed), again being careful around the pads. Silver cream does not hurt the flute, and it extends the shine and life of the silver plating.

How do I get rid of brown spots on my flute?

Isopropyl alcohol

You can even use the wipes directly on your flute, provided that you take care to avoid the pads and machinery. They are great for when you are playing outside of your home, when you might not have your other cleaning supplies.

What to use to polish a flute?

You don't really want to use any abrasive cleaner on here keep in mind your flute is just plated. So you can work through the plating of that flute. Start off cleaning that one there.

Why are there black spots on my flute?

Most silver/silver plated flutes will have some tarnish on them (unless they’re fresh from an overhaul, or otherwise cleaned and polished), and tarnish is only a cosmetic issue that won’t affect how the flute plays, so there’s really no need to worry about it. it’s a silver plated, nickel silver body.