Can i stack stereo recordings on stereo and then output stereo mix?

Asked by: Ken Pennington

Should the final mix be in mono or stereo?

And it’s a very important thing. You should mix in mono before you add any EQ, compression, or other plugins. And you should do this with every mix if you want an industry-standard track. And your DAW will have a mono button, possibly on or near the master track.

How do you make stereo mix sound good with mono?

If you pan the exact same element left and right in your mix, you’ll end up with a sound that plays back centered in the stereo field. To create width that does a good job of translating into mono, try adding a slight delay to a mirrored track, and apply something like Waves UltraPitch to modulate its pitch and time.

Why mixing in mono is the secret?

When we mix in stereo we can separate mix elements out in the stereo field to make them easier to hear. When we collapse the mix to mono, these different elements start to obscure each other again. The fact is, that if your mix isn’t clear and punchy in mono – it just “isn’t ready yet”.

Should a master track be mono or stereo?

You should submit a stereo mix of your song for mastering. This will provide a more full and natural sound when compared to submitting a mono file.

How do I make my mix sounds clearer?

10 Mixing tips and tricks to create a clear mix

  1. Bass your worse enemy.
  2. Use Reverb as delay.
  3. Side chain compress the import parts that need it.
  4. Parallel compress your drums.
  5. avoid the stereo imager in the mix use mid side routing instead.
  6. phase / delay to create space.
  7. notch filter to create space.

How do you mix stereo without sucking in mono?

But angled 90 degrees apart. This means that signals to the left or the right of the array will end up louder in the left or right channel. But they arrived at both microphones at the same time.

How do you balance mix?

So the only way you can do that and get that right when you're mixing to get your balance to get the focus point work backwards down the team is to listen. So quietly.

How do I make my mix sound professional?

How To Make My Mix Sound Professional: 10 Golden Rules

  1. 1) Do your Gain Staging. …
  2. 2) Do your bus routing. …
  3. 3) Compress in stages. …
  4. 4) Filter out unwanted frequencies. …
  5. 5) Use gear and/or plugins to give character. …
  6. 6) Sort out the low end. …
  7. 7) Do parallel compression. …
  8. 8) Do your panning and spatializing.

What should a balanced mix look like?

A balanced mix (or flat, if you prefer) usually has a full range of frequencies more or less hitting 0dB on an FFT reader. You can go -/+3dB around it, but keeping it around 0 is the best. For electronic music, it’s pretty normal to have the low end sticking out by about +3dB though.

What volume should you mix at?

So… what volume should you mix at? To hear the most accurate representation of your music, you should mix at 85db to 90db while EQing and critical listening. The rest of the time you should mix at a volume level that allows for a conversation without raising your voice.

How loud should mix be before Master?

How Loud Should My Track Be Before Mastering? If you want to send your mix off to get mastered, you should aim for around -6dB Peak, and anywhere from -23 dBFS RMS or LUFS to -18 dBFS RMS or LUFS average. That’s the quick answer, but as usual, it’s a bit more nuanced than that.

What is the 1dB rule?

Or it could be that you have just been mixing for too long and you're starting to lose your mind and that means you need to go get a sandwich or walk away or do something.