Can a person learn trumpet using a pocket trumpet?

Asked by: Crystal Matzen

Short answer: Yes.

Is a pocket trumpet good for beginners?

The music teachers see it differently: pocket trumpets are by no means easier to play just because they are smaller but could be ideal as a second or third instrument. They don’t really make sense as a beginner instrument, it may be more sensible to look for a cornet or flugelhorn instead.

Is pocket trumpet hard to learn?

If you’re familiar and experienced with trumpets, you won’t have a hard time playing the pocket version of the instrument. Sure, it might feel a bit unusual to hold such a small instrument in your hands, and you might look kind of funny with it, but they work the exact same way as normal trumpets do.

Is a pocket trumpet worth it?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing. There are lots of inexpensive pocket trumpets around, which are worth less than you pay for them, and lots of very expensive pocket trumpets around, which perform wonderfully, but the price is hard to justify. Nothing in the middle.

Are pocket trumpets any good?

They really are a novelty instrument but can be good fun if used in the right performance environment. Technically they can be played in any ensemble that has trumpet parts but as mentioned above the overall sound quality would suffer.

What’s the difference between a pocket trumpet and regular trumpet?

A piccolo trumpet is physically smaller trumpet with less tubing than a normal Bb trumpet resulting in a pitched trumpet that is one octave higher. Typically, piccolo trumpets are keyed in Bb and A giving flexibilty in use for multiple orchestral settings.