Buying a harp, what to consider?

Asked by: Daniel Cromer

The best advice is is try both and see which sound and feel you prefer. Another important factor to consider is string spacing (literally the distance between the strings) and tension. Concert harp or pedal harp spacing is wide and therefore desirable, especially if you want to go on the pedal harp later on.

How much should I pay for a harp?

How much does a harp cost? The average price of a lever harp is between $2,500 to $5,000 while a full size pedal harp is $15,000 to $20,000. We sell a wide variety of new and used harps and offer a a variety of financing options.

What harp Should I buy beginner?

Best Harps for Beginners

  • Roosebeck 8 Strings Lily Harp.
  • Sturgis 21 Inch Tall Celtic Baby Harp.
  • Smequeen Celtic Irish 15 Strings Harp.
  • Royal 12 String Children’s Harp.
  • Rees Harps Sharpsicle Black Harp.
  • Roosebeck Heather TM Harp.

Do harps hold their value?

If the harp is a quality instrument kept in good condition plus is “competitive” with the market’s desirable features (levers/stringing/size) it can, in deed hold value and sometimes appreciate.

What size harp instrument do I need?

The Best Fit for Beginners

For adults, sitting on a standard 18” high stool, to a floor size model of 30-34 strings is a wonderful first choice. For a small child (age 6-8), sitting on a 12” stool with a 28 string harp set on the floor, is a reliable “rig” that will preserve healthy ergonomics.

Is it hard to learn to play a harp?

Yes and no. Unlike wind and bowed string instruments, the harp sounds great from day one and it is relatively easy to play simple and satisfying pieces after only a few lessons. However, the harp is a difficult instrument to play to a high standard.

What is a standard size harp?

It can be bewildering because harps come in more sizes and varieties than any other instrument I can think of: they can be from about 25” to 76” tall and have from 15 to 47 strings; they also can be very plain or extremely ornate with 24 carat gold leaf, painted sounding boards and you can even be “plugged” in (

Can I teach myself harp?

Can You Teach Yourself? Yes! The large percentage of harp players we meet are self-taught or have had only a very a few lessons to get themselves started. Others are more comfortable learning from an established teacher either in person or YouTube or Skype.

How much does a beginners harp cost?

For as low as $100, you can own your beginner harp! However, they may not always be that cheap. Some beginner harps can cost as much as $300. Moreover, if you’re in the market for beginner harps that are similar to classical harps, you’ll typically pay an average of $1000.

How long does it take to learn to play a harp?

All it really takes is practice and commitment. It might only take you ten minutes to learn your first song in the harp, but we’ll average that it takes around three years to achieve proficiency.

Does the size of a harp affect the sound?

With properly designed soundboards, there is very little difference in projection or sound volume between a concert grand of 47 strings and the 46-string semi-grand. The differences in height and weight are, however significant. Size is very important when acquiring an instrument for a young musician.

What is the hardest instrument to play?

The 11 Hardest Musical Instruments to Learn

  • Violin. The violin is a wooden stringed instrument that’s part of a larger family of similar instruments. …
  • The French Horn. …
  • The Organ. …
  • Bagpipes. …
  • Accordion. …
  • Oboe. …
  • Harp. …
  • Guitar.

What’s the difference between a pedal harp and a lever harp?

The main difference between them is that when i have to play an accidental. I'm either using foot pedals or i'm using the levers. When the pedals are up it means all the notes are flat when the petals

Is it too late to learn harp?

And commitment you have to know that it's really something you want to do and if you have those three things then it is never too late for you and I really think you should just go for it.

Is harp harder than piano?

Is harp more difficult than piano? About the same, maybe a little easier. Piano uses all 10 fingers, and harp only uses 8. On piano, you have to understand more theory about when to use the black keys than you do on harp, which uses levers or pedals that often don’t change through an entire song.

Is it too late to learn to play the harp?

Have you dreamed of playing the harp your whole life, but you’ve never actually gotten around to pursuing it? I took piano lessons as a kid. As an adult, I let my musical talents slide—other than singing along with the radio and soothing the kids to sleep with a lullaby.

Do you strum a harp?

1. Strumming: Since ancient Egyptian times, strumming has been a feature of harp/lyre music, and we see the very same technique employed as far afield as the krar of Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Sudan, the Anglo Saxon lyre and the Venezuelan arpa llanera.

What is the easiest instrument to learn?

The piano is arguably the easiest musical instrument for kids to learn and there’s a ton of easy songs to learn. It’s a great way to introduce children to music, mostly thanks to the simple, logical layout of the keys.

Can an adult learn harp?

As with anything, previously experience or familiarity with music will make the lessons easier in the beginning. However, experience is not necessary. Any student can learn how to properly play the harp, regardless of their age or experience with music.