REVIEW: Budderside – Spiritual Violence

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Budderside were signed to Motörhead Music personally by its legendary founder Lemmy Kilminster himself so that should give you an inkling of the quality of the output from this band. But don’t expect a Motörhead clone! 

The opening track is aptly named Wide Awake, and you certainly will be when you listen to this! An awesome explosion of heavy rock ‘n’ roll that is guaranteed to sharpen the senses!

Zen was the first single taken from the album and takes a different turn entirely from the opener. Here we have a pounding beat and an incredible guitar solo before things slow down for a gentle link to the finale.

Track 3, Amber Alert is a seductive number and features the guest vocalist Carla Harvey from Butcher Babies. This is a great atmospheric track with heavy undertones and serves to cast a light on the versatility of this band.

Pardon Me is very much a Lemmy-inspired track that is supported by the great Phil Campbell as guest guitarist, so you know you’re in for a thrill ride!

The 5th track is I’m A Man and takes us in yet another musical direction. A bass heavy number with pounding drum beat and soaring chorus.

Folsum Prison Blu is a bit of a surprise track in the middle of all this heavy rock, opening as it does with a bit of a sad blues vocals before bursting forth with some high-octane rock ‘n’ roll! This is definitely going to be a crowd pleaser!

Track 7 is Things We Do is pure power ballad and sits perfectly on this album of varied musical styles.

Feels So Good is a dark, brooding track which belies the core message of the lyrics.

The 9th track is Soul Searchers and once again sees a gear change. This song has a slightly unusual structure but it works so very well.

The album closes with Day Go Bah and sees a return to the high-energy rock style with a bit of prog thrown in for good measure. After such a varied track listing we return to more familiar territory here.

To sum up, this is a superb album that showcases a vast array of styles. No two tracks are the same and that makes for great listening pleasure. It’s impossible to throw Budderside into any particular category of rock as they are able to encompass such a variety of sub-genres. I’m sure to have this one on auto-repeat for some time to come!

Spiritual Violence was released by Motörhead Music/Silver Lining Music on 26th March 2021.

Words: Nick Luxford

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