Bourée 1 and 2 for “fast” piece (bass trombone)?

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What is the lowest note a bass trombone can play?

The lowest note produced by a tenorbass trombone

A bass trombone with double rotary valves and equipped with an F attachment and G♭ attachment should theoretically be capable of playing B♭ a further major second lower (an octave lower than pedal tone B♭).

Do all bass trombones have 2 triggers?

Bass trombones often have a second trigger which is either “dependent” or “independent” of the first trigger. That means, in the dependent trigger system, the second trigger will not work unless the first trigger is also engaged. The independent trigger system allows each trigger to be used independently.

Who is the best bass trombone player?

10 Websites of Orchestral Bass Trombone Players

  • Ben Van Dijk, Rotterdam Philharmonic.
  • Randy Hawes, Detroit Symphony Orchestra.
  • Denson Paul Pollard, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.
  • Douglas Yeo, former Bass Trombone, Boston Symphony Orchestra.
  • Charles Vernon, Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
  • Gerry Pagano, St.

What key is bass trombone in?

The bass trombone has been a member of the family from the development of sackbut consorts in the 1500s and while in previous centuries was often in the key of F, is now pitched in the key of Bb. The bass trombone has a larger bore size than the tenor trombone (typically .

Can bass trombone play high notes?

Yes, as already noted, you can certainly play high notes on a bass trombone.

What is the highest note a trombone can play?

RANGE: The trombone has a normal chromatic range of E2 below the bass clef to B flat4 above middle C. Experienced performers are able to extend the upper range, often to F5 (or higher).

What pitch is bass trombone?

The modern bass trombone is the same length as a tenor trombone, but typically has two valves, pitched in F and G♭.

How do you play bass trombone?

It is the air passing through my buzzing lips starting the sound the tongue is used to tidy up the note and give it a precise beginning.

Is trombone a C or BB?


Although the trombone’s fundamental tone is B♭, unlike for a trumpet, the instrument’s sheet music is always written for C. This is likely due to how the trombone came about.

Is trombone bass clef?

The Trombone sounds by blowing into a mouthpiece too. Although it is pitched in the key of B-flat, it is written in C and notated in bass clef and tenor clef for the upper register.

Are all trombones B flat?

No its not the same issue. I know that there exists different instruments. But the “standard” tenor trombone has a Bb fundamental hence named a “Bb trombone”. But its also a non-transposing instrument, the parts are written in ut hence written as “trombone C” because there are written in concert pitch (the “C”).