Big amp at min volume vs. little amp at high volume?

Asked by: Lisa Williams

Do bigger amps sound better?

Are higher watt amps louder? High watt amps are of course louder, however, that increment in loudness is not linear. A 100-watt amp is not twice as loud as a 50-watt one. Those 50 extra watts will result in a 3 dBs louder experience through the same speakers.

Does amp volume affect tone?

Volume is how loud the OUTPUT of the channel or amp is. It controls loudness, not tone. Gain is how loud the INPUT of the channel or amp is. It controls tone, not loudness.

Why small amps are better?

Smaller amps allow you the flexibility of getting the sound you might want in a smaller package. Yes, a smaller package means less stage volume, but that is a good thing.

What should the gain on my guitar amp be set at?

Set the pedal volume to unity with your amp (the same level as when the pedal is off). Set the tone to around 11:00 and the gain/sustain to around 2:00. This is probably not perfect but that’s not the point.

Does a higher RMS mean louder?

Root mean square is a measurement of how strong an electric current is, with higher RMS power generally meaning more powerful sound.

Does amp affect sound quality?

The short, simple answer to “do amplifiers improve sound quality?” is no. An amplifier is designed to increase the audio signal levels. However, it is not intended to objectively or subjectively improve the recorded audio nor the reproduction of such audio.

How do I know if my amp gain is too high?

If your head units volume control goes to say 50, and your system is maxed out at setting 20, your gains are too high, if you get to 50 and it still isn’t starting to distort, they’re too low.

What happens if gain is too low?

If you have your gain set too low, your amplifier will not be able to reach full power, which could allow the source unit to clip which in turn will result in a distorted signal being delivered to your speakers. This is especially relevant with low voltage sources (lower than 2.5 Volts – typically OEM units).

How can I make my amp sound better?

Getting a Good Clean Tone

  1. Select your clean channel or turn the gain down if you don’t have multiple channels. …
  2. Turn off all amp effects and effect pedals. …
  3. Bring the bass, mid & treble knobs all to 12 o’clock. …
  4. Keep the gain fairly low and adjust the volume to a suitable level. …
  5. Jam for a while to get a feel for the tone.

How do I make my guitar tone crunchy?

Although you can get a crunch tone with pedals, it came about by running an amp hard and pushing it past it’s happy clean sound. The first way to achieve a crunch tone is by pushing the amp with pedals. A boost pedal does just what the name implies. It boosts the signal coming from the guitar.

How can I make my amp sound like rock?

So in order to keep the volume the same and just change the sound we're going to turn down the master. Volume. You notice now that it's breaking up all the driving and distorting.

Does gain increase volume?

While gain does increase volume, it’s a fundamentally different concept. Sometimes gain and volume are used interchangeably, and this is where some confusion occurs. On a compressor plugin, for example, the “makeup gain” function is really just an output volume knob by another name.

What’s better volume or gain?

To recap, volume is a control of the loudness at the output of a sound system and has no affect on quality, while gain lets you increase the loudness inside of an audio system, which absolutely determines the quality of the sound or recording.

Should power amps be turned all the way up?

The level controls of the power amps should be set so you maintain consistent gain staging throughout your system, while allowing ample headroom. If you need to turn them up all the way to achieve that (as is often the case) then you certainly should.

What does a master volume do on an amp?

Master volume controls the power section of the amp. When the master volume is pushed hard, you get power amp distortion. This is warmer, smoother and has a spongier feel. Perfect for rock and blues.

How do you get a good tone at low volume?

In a box. These kind of pedals once you start getting a couple of extra tonal options like a bass control a mental control or a treble control and even a presence control. Gives you more flexibility.

Is gain the same as overdrive?

Gain is the amount of distortion(signal clipping) added to the signal. Overdrive is just a form of distortion, its a mild form mostly used to over drive the tubes of a tube amp to get a nice tube amp crunch.