Best way to connect Yamaha mixer to powered Harbinger loudspeakers?

Asked by: Meghan Peterson

How do I connect my harbinger speakers to my mixer?

I'm going to use a quarter inch jack plug it in sometimes i snoops it if it's playing when you plug that any carefully. That then you have a left and right on here also. And that's on the inside.

How do I connect my powered mixer to my powered speakers?

The most common connection between mixer and powered speaker is a balanced or unbalanced line. The superior noise rejection of a balanced line allows long runs of cable between the mix station and the speakers without interference or noise. Most powered speakers have balanced XLR or TRS jacks, or both.

How do I connect my Yamaha mixer to my speakers?

Next you need to turn up the main monitor volume knob. Sometimes on a lot of audio mixers like the yamaha. It can be linked to your headphone output. So if you turn up your stereo monitors.

Do I need a mixer for powered speakers?

A mixer is not required to use active speakers. Active speakers have everything they need already installed, like a built-in amplifier. A mixer simply gives you more control over the sound they produce.

How do I connect my harbinger speakers?

Use a mic cable to connect this speaker’s OUT to the LINK IN jack of a second speaker of the same type. All inputs should be connected to the first master speaker, which will also set the volume and tone of both speakers. – Link In: Use this setting for the second speaker of a Smart Stereo(TM) pair.

What cable is used to hook up a speaker to the mixer?

RCA Cables

RCA is one of the most ubiquitous cable formats in audio gear. Developed in the 1940s, it has remained largely unchanged since and continues to be one of the standard cables for linking audio components. This cable is used for everything from CDJs to mixers to main outputs to stereo systems.

Can you connect a powered mixer to a powered speaker?

CAN I HOOK UP MY POWERED SPEAKERS TO IT? No. If your mixer is powered and sending an amplified signal, you will need to use passive speakers to properly operate your setup. Some powered mixers only send powered signals through the main outs.

Can I use an unpowered mixer with powered speakers?

With powered speakers you can use a simple unpowered mixer. With a powered mixer, you use unpowered speakers. With an unpowered mixer and unpowered speakers, you must have a separate power amp in between.

How do you connect speaker wire to a mixer?

Power cable here. And then turn the mixer. On. So you can see that there's a power light here so the mixer is on.

How do you connect a powered mixer to a passive speaker?

You could put one of these can be your power from your amp or your power mixer or what have you got and take the other one you're not using speak on output for that one it's your other speaker.

How do you hook up powered speakers?

Got three wires that run through it it's also known as a microphone cable. This happens to be a male end. And that's a female end and a lot of times with the gear that we use as DJ's.

Is it okay to leave powered speakers on?

Keeping a powered speaker powered/on when it’s not in use will decrease its overall longevity. The electronics (amplifier and crossover) will wear out more quickly when kept running/hot. A speaker left on is also at increased risk of suffering damage by random/accidental power surges.

Is Harbinger a good speaker brand?

They are a nice speaker. They would do well as a beginner dj speaker and pretty good as a karaoke speaker. If you crank them up you can get some sound from these, they are loud (not clear) but loud.

Who makes Harbinger mixers?

Guitar Center

Harbinger products are designed in the U.S. by Guitar Center, the leading retailer for music and sound equipment.