Bass trombone maintenance?

Asked by: Ashley Aus

How do you clean a bass trombone?

And drying off I let everything air dry for the most part but there's some stuff that just the water is on too thick. And just doesn't air dry first we're gonna just wipe off the slide.

Do trombones need to be serviced?

Although you can remove it by polishing the instrument with a metal polish, if the rust forms on a part of the instrument that is often touched when playing it, you should have the instrument repainted (or re-plated) at the shop.

How do you maintain a trombone?

The outside of the trombone should be wiped off with a polishing cloth to remove fingerprints. This will stop your instrument from tarnishing and keep it in good working order. The mouthpiece should be cleaned weekly using warm water and soft liquid soap and your mouthpiece brush.

How often should I oil my trombone?

Generally, you will want to grease your trombone slide with a proper lubricant every week or two, depending on how often you play your instrument.

Can you use wd40 on a trombone slide?

Yes, of course. * Use it to help free stuck tuning slides.) Just order some proper stuff online!

Can you use Vaseline on a trombone?

‘Vaseline’ is fine for all slides wether brass or nickle

What can I use instead of trombone slide oil?

Oil. I don’t generally recommend using oil for trombone slides, but it is an option if you’re caught without anything else. Use a good quality valve oil, preferably something on the heavier/thicker side and apply several drops to the top of the inner slides just like you would with a liquid lubricant.

How do you lubricate a trombone?

If you put on the right amount of slide cream. And water your slide should be lightning fast. Now. Now that you know to grease your slide you're ready to change positions.

What is a good substitute for slide oil?

So will a mix of olive oil & water. Also, for something that will clean the slide as well as lubricate, plain old water and a soft rag are great. I got by for years with no slide oil ever, just some water and an old bandanna.

Can you use Vaseline as valve oil?

Vaseline should never be used because it is corrosive to brass. Moving and greasing all slides and bottom caps once a month will help prevent slides and caps from sticking. Valve casings and tuning slide receivers can be cleaned more thoroughly by using a trumpet cleaning rod.

How do I make my trombone slide smoother?

They also have the big bottle in the little bottle which are good you can kind of adjust the ratio of the different lubricants so what you want to do is you just want to put a dot there. It's a little