Arpeggios on chords. Alternate or economy picking?

Asked by: Richard Walker

Do you alternate pick arpeggios?

Alternate Picking Arpeggios provide a gratifying workout for your picking hand, as well as improving your overall hand coordination no end. If you’re new to this technique, it basically involves alternate picking an arpeggio instead of sweep-picking it; that’s really all there is to it.

Is alternate picking better than economy picking?

Alternate separates the notes very well. Economy/sweeps can give a more fluent, less percussive movement, and it’s obviously good for arpeggios with one note per string. That said, when practicing scales and scale patterns I exclusively practice alternate picking.

What guitarists use economy picking?

Guitarists notable for their use of economy picking

Les Paul performed economy/sweep picking. Eddie Van Halen often used economy/sweep picking as well as fast alternate picking. Zakk Wylde incorporates economy picking in Miracle Man solo. Eric Johnson uses this technique in songs like “Cliffs of Dover”.

How do you practice Economic picking?

So in any case what we're doing is we're playing eighth notes on the first four notes. Moving down the E minor pentatonic scale. Again then we play eighth notes triplets for the next two beats.

Is alternate picking better?

Essentially alternate picking is more efficient, because you have to move you hand less distance to hit the next note, and it can be an important difference between hitting the note on time or struggling to reach it. As with other guitar skills, it doesn’t sound even a little difficult until you actually try and do it.

Should you alternate pick all the time?

No, definitely not. You shouldn’t, nor do you have to use alternate picking 100% of the time.. different musical situations will call for different dynamics from your picking hand, some of which aren’t possible with a strict alternate picking pattern.

Why is alternate picking so hard?

Because in the first case, during motion, your pick stays “outside” the E and B strings, while in the second exercise the pick remains “inside”, trapped between the E and B strings. This is, in a nutshell, the main difficulty with alternate picking.

How long does it take to learn alternate picking?

It takes a while, but before you know it (Overused but completely applicable expression), you’ll be using it subconsciously. as long as it takes for good practice to become good habit. dont worry about speed focus on timing and rhythm and the rest will come. About two to three months.

Can Joe Satriani alternate pick?

Joe Satriani is a very competent player, and he is very capable of alternate picking at high speeds. His legato is most likely better than his alternate picking, but he’s a great all rounder, a bonefide virtuoso.

Is sweep picking hard?

Whatever it is, one thing is certain: sweep picking isn’t easy to learn—but not for the reasons you might think. The truth is, on the surface, sweep picking is no more difficult than any other technique. You’d think it would be as simple as choosing a pattern, grabbing a metronome and putting in the work, right?

How can I improve my picking skills?

For an added workout, try switching the order of the pick strokes, starting on an upstroke. Next, play the scale mostly in downstrokes, bringing hammer-ons and pull-offs into the mix (Example 6). Move on to sweep picking across two adjacent strings, as notated in Example 7.

How do you practice sweep picking?

As we established. Arpeggiate in the port. So essentially you have to tear that hand connection between cord. And solo mode apart right now and form a new connection for the sweep picking motion.

How do you sweep pick arpeggios?

Themselves to keep those notes from ringing out and you can do that just by cupping your fingers like that. So as I'm coming up an arpeggio.

How do you sweep arpeggios?

I'm just moving my way back. There. So I might work that as an ascend into a descending. Sweep. I wait for the hammer on and the pull off to finish. And make my way there in bed.

How do guitarists play so fast?

Most guitar players think that the basis of real speed is a good fret hand technique. They believe that if your fret hand is fast, you will be able to play fast. This is the reason many players focus so much attention on their fretting hand, and leave the picking hand to fend for itself.

How can I cheat on guitar?

You can just use your finger. Or your thumb it doesn't matter I'm just gonna play the bottom two strings.

Did Van Halen use a metronome?

There is so much more to a metronome when used properly. It can be a tool that helps you develop so many crucial elements of your playing and your creativity. Do not be fooled by Eddie Van Halen’s rock and roll demeanor, he surely used a metronome to develop those amazing skills.