Are stereo speakers suitable substitutes for studio/rehearsal monitor? What amps/preapms are required?

Asked by: Stuart Sims

Can you use stereo speakers as studio monitors?

You could use regular speakers as studio monitors but the sound will be biased. Studio monitors recreate the recorded sound as closely as they can, adding close to nothing to the original signal.

Do studio monitors need amps?

In the case of active studio monitors, you do not need amplifiers as they already are present in them. They have amplifiers incorporated in their cabinet. Studio monitors are devices designed for accuracy in the studio.

Can I use regular speaker as stage monitor?

Stage monitors are designed to do something quite different from what normal stereo speakers are designed to do. That means if you get great stage monitors, they won’t sound so great as stereo speakers and vice/versa. But you could use one for the other.

Can you use studio monitors as an amp?

Studio monitors are not guitar amps. You cant drive them with a clean signal till the speakers distort and not expect the amps to blow or speaker voice coils to blow.

How can I turn my stereo speakers into a monitor?

You can use your kind of standard quarter-inch style TRS cable but with passive studio monitors you have to go back to the good old fashioned speaker wire so to make all this happen.

Do studio monitors sound better than speakers?

So can you use regular speakers as studio monitors? It’s generally favourable to use studio monitors if you’re recording, mixing or mastering. As mentioned earlier, you simply get a more accurate sound. If you’re using regular speakers, you may miss some detail in the sound which could lead to an imbalanced mix.

What is the difference between monitor speakers and normal speakers?

Technical Differences

Home stereo or hi-fi speakers are almost always “passive” speakers; i.e. they require an external (power) amplifier with speaker outputs. Studio monitors, with very few exceptions, are “active” or “powered” speakers, which means the power amplifier is built into the speaker cabinet.

What is the difference between bookshelf speakers and studio monitors?

Studio monitors are designed for monitoring the sound of a mix in studio environments and are, therefore, intended to represent the authentic sound of the audio. Bookshelf speakers, though similar in size, are designed for entertainment and are not as precise in their audio recreation.

How do you power a studio monitor?

And a USB or Thunderbolt cable depending on your setup. This scarlett interface does not require a separate power supply. But it is using power over USB.

Can I use my guitar amp as a studio monitor?

You may absolutely use a spare guitar amplifier as your personal vocal monitor.

Can I connect audio interface to guitar amp?

The simplest way to connect a guitar amp to an audio interface is by using an output labeled ‘line out’ on the amplifier. This is sent to the input on the interface using an audio cable, where the signal from the amplifier can be recorded.

How do you set up a guitar monitor?

And you can take this practice and it's pretty simple to do you take your quarter inch cable out of your guitar. And usually you can go right into your direct box with your quarter inch cable.

What are guitar monitors for?

Although, this is certainly changing considering so many people are “desktop guitarists” these days, but I digress. The most significant difference between guitar amps and studio monitors is an amp is used to amplify a guitar, and the studio monitor is used to amplify music and other sounds from a computer.

What is a monitor amplifier?

A stage monitor system is a set of performer-facing loudspeakers called monitor speakers, stage monitors, floor monitors, wedges, or foldbacks on stage during live music performances in which a sound reinforcement system is used to amplify a performance for the audience.

Are stage monitors necessary?

All in all, it is a very important component to your live setup and, even just one or two monitors facing the band may make a big difference to the show.