Alto sax and tenor sax?

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The most obvious difference between the two instruments is their size. The tenor sax is slightly larger and heavier, while the alto sax is smaller, lighter, and more easily managed than a tenor. The neck of an alto saxophone also comes up slightly at the end, while the neck of a tenor bends slightly down.

Is alto sax easier than tenor?

You’ll find the smaller the instrument the better your breath control needs to be. Therefore, the tenor is easier to blow than the alto. It also has a more relaxed embouchure than the alto. However, you will struggle in the beginning to play it as quietly as the alto.

Which saxophone is better alto or tenor?

Size differences
The most obvious difference between the two saxophones is the size difference – the tenor is larger than the alto. The larger size produces a lower sound, in the same way that a tenor (male voice) produces a lower tone than an alto (female voice).

Are tenor and alto sax played the same?

While the alto and tenor saxophone both use the same note fingerings (apart from some of the altissimo notes), because of their difference in size, they actually have very different ranges. The alto can play from Db3 on the bottom, up to to concert Ab5.

Can tenor sax play alto sax music?

If you’re playing alone, you can do pretty much whatever you want. If you are playing a solo along with an accompaniment then you will be playing in the wrong key if you don’t do the transposition.

Should I get alto or tenor?

The tenor sax is bigger than alto but another really popular choice for a beginner sax player. The Tenor saxophone has larger reeds compared to the alto saxophone. Tenor sax has a full, deep and rich sound while alto sax has a higher-pitched sound.

Which sax is easiest to learn?

Whilst there are other ‘specialist’ saxophones out there, these four are the most common and should provide you with ample choice. If you’re a complete beginner, your best bet would be to go for alto or tenor – with a preference for the smaller alto if the player is a young child.

Which saxophone should I start with?

alto saxophone

The alto saxophone is easier to play than the soprano saxophone, and so it is a good choice for beginners. A simple comparison of the length of the soprano and alto saxophones shows that they are about the same, 70 centimeters long.

Is tenor sax good for beginners?

The gold lacquer-finished beginner tenor sax is a great all-rounder if you’re looking for a horn to play a range of different music, from classical to jazz to pop.

Is alto harder than tenor?

Tenor is a easier blow and requires a more relaxed embouchure than alto.

Which saxophone is best for jazz?

Five Of The Best Saxophones for Playing Jazz

  • Selmer Paris Reference 54. Perhaps the most well known manufacturer of high quality saxophones, Henri Selmer founded the company in Paris in 1885. …
  • Yamaha 82Z Custom. …
  • Mauriat Le Bravo. …
  • Yanagisawa WO20. …
  • Rampone and Cazzani R1 Jazz.

Is tenor and alto sax fingering the same?

Tenor saxophones are tuned to B♭, and alto saxophones are tuned to E♭, but when playing the same note on a score, the fingerings are the same.

Is tenor sax louder than alto?

Alto has more overtones in the range our ears are sensitive to so even when it’s the same, it’s louder.

What are the 4 main types of saxophones?

In pitch order from highest to lowest, they are the soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones. So, the natural question then arises—what are the unique characteristics of these four different saxophones, and what makes each type so special?

Is it possible to play sax quietly?

Yes it is possible to play quietly. however, if your sax has been unplayed for ten years it probably needs a check-over to make sure that it is leak free. Softer reeds are the way to go, at least to begin with.

Which saxophone is the loudest?

Both alto and tenor will be loudish in the hands of a beginner – you will be able to play quieter once you have been playing a while. Tenor is probably louder, in part due to its bigger physical size.

Is trumpet or sax louder?

If you have two professionals in each instrument play as loud as possible, you will see that the trumpet is naturally the louder instrument by a long shot. Saxophone has a “threshold” of how loud it can be played because it is a reed instrument. Saxophones are often mic’d on stage, even in smaller venues.

How loud is a tenor sax?

In our example an alto saxophone plays at 60 dB and a tenor sax plays at 70 dB at the same time, producing a combined sound of 70 dB.