Acceptable temperatures for an electric guitar?

Asked by: Clay Geske

Guitars are made mostly of wood and that wood can be affected by temperature and humidity. Extreme temperatures and changes in humidity will cause the wood to shift and change, sometimes dramatically, which affects the sound and shape. Ideal temperature is 66-77 °F (19-25 °C). Ideal humidity is 40-50 percent.

What temperature is bad for electric guitar?

Steer clear of extreme temperatures of less than 32 Fahrenheit (0 Celsius) or more than 95 Fahrenheit (35 Celsius). Use your heating or air conditioning systems to maintain an acceptable temperature in your guitar room, but keep your guitars a good distance away from the units themselves!

Are electric guitars okay in the cold?

So can you leave my guitar in a cold car? You must not leave your guitar what even it is electric, acoustic or classical within a cold car or any other cold environment for a long period of time. If you take a look at the effects that your guitar will undergo, you will figure out why.

What temperatures damage guitars?

In extreme cases we can authorize you to send us the guitar. High temperatures, generally above 100 degrees, cause glue joint failure and softening of the lacquer, making it susceptible to damage. Low temperatures, generally below freezing, cause lacquer to craze and check.

How cold is too cold to store guitars?

It is best to avoid keeping your guitar below 70 degrees Fahrenheit if possible. Similarly, do not store your guitar in excessively warm temperatures. This can result in the wood expanding and altering the guitar’s sound.

Can a guitar get too cold?

A Note About Temperature
As we mentioned earlier, you don’t just have to worry about humidity in the winter – the extreme cold can cause your guitar trouble, too. To be safe, try to avoid carrying your guitar outside for long periods of time when the temperature drops.

At what temperature do guitars warp?

Another big problem caused particularly by excessive heat – such as that inside a trunk during a hot day which can easily exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit – is the substantial loosening of glue joints. This will cause the loosening of the fretboard which in turn will cause the action of your guitar to become very high.

Is a cold room bad for guitars?

You will absolutely ruin the strings on your guitar (of any kind) if you let them experience temperature variance of 35F or more – this is a simple mechanical fact rather than a musical one (true even without a winter – they will become warped and stretch beyond the ability to tune for any duration).